CDB Oil For Good Health

Back in the 70s when we were cool, it was second nature to smoke pot and drink beer with our friends on the weekend. Every weekend there was always a party at someones house. Then as time went on we grew up, got married and left all the partying behind. We were too busy raising kids and spending time with the Wife to think about parties.


Then as the kids got older and moved away the thought of partying began to creep in. A little wine here and there kind of helped with the aches and pains of the day and seemed to make getting older a lot easier to cope with. Just a few years ago some of the states started to legalize marijuana for both medical and recreational use even though it is still illegal at the Federal level.


It seems like the older we get the more aches and pains seem to be the normal part of life. My sister in law was always in chronic pain and it seems no matter what kind of prescription drugs she took it helped some but not like they should. She was afriad of getting addicted to pain killers and knew something had to be done.


Her Doctor suggested she try CBD oil because the results from his other patients seemed to be positive. She started taking CBD oil and within a few days the pain had subsided and she felt better than she ever did.

Our first day of business

We bought us a 32 ft camper, gutted it and made it into a food trailer.After much work and a lot of trial and error we opened the Dude up for business. I gave my notice at the factory because I decided it was time for self employment. I think it was just a matter of time before I would of got fired anyways. I really can’t say for sure but I think people were trying to make me look bad because the lady who had the job before me said they were out to get her also.


There just seemed to be too many things that they said I did wrong when I know I checked things thoroughly. Well that is all water under the bridge because it is time to take the reigns on Entrepreneurship again. We had run a little cafe for a few years but come time for lease renewal the building owner decided she wasn’t going to renew it. We had built up a good following but had to close down and not because of lack of business because everyone loved our food and the convenience of delivery.


The first day of business went ok except for the deep fryer wasn’t working right and the hot water heater threw fits. I spent all afternoon fixing the equipment and fine tuning everything. We were steady for dinner break and every thing went out in a timely manner. For the first day of business things went very well I think mainly because we already had a client base built up and they were happy to see us deliver good hot food instead of factory vending machine food.


That’s all for now, See you next time with more updates.

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After much prodding and poking I agreed to help my Wife with her little food business. Our old clients were foaming at the mouth for another taste of our food and who am I to stop that. Giving up the so called security of a steady job was scary at first but who knows from one day to the next how long you will have a job.


The only real thing for sure we know is we have to pay taxes and everyone will die sooner or later( we are voting later). The daily grind of working for someone else and taking their shit was getting old and it was time for a change. The Wife kept saying we could make the same amount of money working a catering business and be our own bosses. The fact is you will never get rich working for someone else and why not control your own destiny.


So I am here to say we are going to take the scary step into the unknown and run our own catering business. All of our old customers are anxious for us to start serving them delicious hot food delivered to them. Most all our customers are hard working people who have no time to cook for themselves because they spend all their time working just to pay the bills.


I certainly can relate to working all the time for the man because I have been there and to tell you the truth I hated every minute of it. So now is the time to take the leap into entrepreneurship and leave the factory behind. It has been an interesting trip but now it time to get off the train and settle down to being a business owner.


I hope all our customer enjoy our food and support us in our food adventure. If you take care of us we will in turn return the favor and take care of you.


Thank you,

The Food Dude


Pepperoni Pizza
Loaded Baked Potato
Cheese Burger
Philly Cheese Steak
Mouth watering Calzone

We are open for business

Due to popular demand The Food Dude will be reopening in a mobile food trailer. While we will not be able to have dine in our popular delivery will be available M-F for your convenience. Thanks to all our old customers who waited patiently for us, we are glad to serve you again.

Mark & Sherry Whitney