Hello world!

We want to thank all our customers for supporting our food/catering business. Our life has taken a turn and we are now changing our menu.

What started out as an experiment has now turned into a new business adventure. One day while we were going through recipes, an old fudge recipe that was my Wife’s moms recipe caught our eye.

We followed the recipe and what we thought was going to be good fudge turned out to be the most awesome fudge we ever had. So now instead of flipping burgers and getting burned by hot grease we are cooking the best Gourmet fudge you have ever tasted.

We are making and delivering over 20 kinds of mouth watering fudge in the Livingston and Cookeville area. We also have an ecommerce website set up and can also ship to the lower 48 states. Our fudge business is taking off bigger than we could of imagined and we hope you will try some soon.

Not only are we selling fudge but we also started a Ministry to help the local community. Visit our website and buy some fudge and visit our Ministry website and donate or purchase a product from us.

Thank You

Mark & Sherry Whitney

Fudge website Click Here

Ministry Website Click Here

The world needs more Jesus